Email marketing design

Email campaigns design

Email marketing uses email to promote your products and services. It is a cheaper way to advertise your business. An email campaign is very easy to manage and track. It is a very profitable type of marketing. If you need designing your email, just contact me. Below you will find various samples of html email designs.


Html Email designs for Sara Divita

Email campaign for thanking their customers for voting her best Ibiza Jewelery designer 2014.

  • Sara Divita Email Campaign

Html Email designs for Olivar del Carmen

Email campaign for promoting their new olive oil.

  • Olivar del Carmen Email Campaign
  • Olivar del Carmen Email Campaign 2

Html Email designs for Mercers

Various samples of html email campaign designs. Created for Estate agent Mercers. Located in Camposol Murcia.

  • Mercers email campaign 1
  • Mercers Email campaign 2
  • Mercers Email campaign 4
  • Mercers Email campaign 5
  • Mercers Email campaign 8

Html Email designs for Urban Oasis

Different email campaigns for Urban Oasis. A young and vibrant Property Consultants. Based in Jerez.

  • Urban Oasis Email Campaign 1
  • Urban Oasis Email Campaign 3
  • Urban Oasis Email Campaign 5
  • Urban Oasis Email Campaign 6
  • Urban Oasis Email Campaign 7

Html Email designs for Alquilare

Email marketing design for Alquilare. A new holiday rentals company.

  • Alquilare Email Campaign 1
  • Alquilare Email Campaign 2